Céline Lefebure

The same year as my first creations on leather for Montblanc, I was put in touch by its charismatic International PR & Cultural Affairs Director with the designer Céline Lefebure. A meeting as unexpected as it was enriching for me who is discovering the world of leather.


Quality Parisian leather goods

I still remember my arrival in the brand’s showroom. A new world was opening up to me. I took pleasure in appreciating the quality of the different leathers that were there. Colors, materials, smells. Neat products in what seemed to be the pure artisanal tradition of leather goods. My eyes are quickly drawn to one model of the brand in particular: the coral-colored “Victoria” model. I directly imagine myself painting in electric blue on it and this idea begins to haunt my thoughts.


An Artist-Creator collaboration

Right after discovering the products, I meet the designer. Very quickly things converge and a “creative compatibility” emerges. We share common values ​​including the sense of work, rigor, the care taken in the choice of color combinations.
We organize ourselves very quickly to collaborate together on personalization sessions. I set up a small “custom” space in his corner located at the Bon Marché in Paris, an essential temple of Parisian luxury.


Unique hand-painted pieces

Totally obsessed with my idea of ​​painting on the Victoria clutch that I had seen in her showroom, I decided to carry out my project and created a unique piece for my wife. As I had imagined, the electric blue works perfectly with the color of the leather. The whole thing is vibrant, powerful and shakes up the standards a bit. Happy with this achievement which opens new doors for me, I rent a photo studio in Paris to memorize this moment, let the party begin!


24 February 2017


leather, Limited Edition


Art, leather goods, Paris