AB de Villiers New Dehli

Regarding the customization of leather (and even other materials as is the case here), Montblanc is without hesitation THE brand with which I have collaborated the most and with which I still have the chance to work again. on various projects. And what makes this collaboration always so pleasant and artistically stimulating is the wide variety of projects on which I am solicited. Here, for example, it was a question of collaborating with AB de Villiers, the famous cricketer on a limited series of trolleys.


AB de Villiers, a living cricketing legend

I’ll be honest: until this event, I knew nothing about cricket. And besides, to be honest, I still don’t know much about it. On the other hand, what I know today and that I could see with my eyes, it is the extent of this sport in particular in India. This sport is without any hesitation just as important as soccer can be in Europe. With its cups and these great tournaments, its great teams and its great players.
And in this discipline, AB de Villiers is not just anyone.
I was therefore very honored that Montblanc had thought of me to work with him on a limited series of personalized trolleys. Each suitcase in this limited series has been hand-painted with an illustration (you can guess by whom) and the player’s signature.


Launch party in New Delhi

I very much appreciated my contact with AB de Villiers, who turned out to be a warm, simple and very kind man. Everything went very well during the evening and we were very well surrounded by a very high quality organization of the marketing team.
I must admit that I was impressed by the state in which some fans found themselves in front of their idol.
One of my best experiences in India, which I owe to the quality of all the people who intervened during the project.


28 April 2019


leather, Limited Edition


AB de Villiers, India, Trolleys