Fashion Week Watercolors

This project is not a priori a leather customization reference, so is not supposed to appear on this portfolio. It is part of the multitude of artistic demonstration projects carried out during events with the Graffeur Paris agency, of which I am the founder. But I wanted to show this project reference here first because it appeals to me and corresponds well to what I like to do, but also because it shows the wide range of possibilities when we talk about art in an event context. .


Watercolors and fashion sketches.

Nothing of my background connects me to fashion design and the use of watercolors. Yet it is a practice that finds an echo in me and that attracts me a lot. I find more and more my marks there, in particular in the fact of working in two stages: the first stage of watercolor where the softness, the blur and the gradient are put in the spotlight. Then, once the first layer is completely dry, the state of the contours in very black and important Indian ink, like a final calligraphy that energizes the whole visual. It’s a process in which I find myself comfortable and that I aspire to develop more and more, not only in the theme of fashion by the way… But let’s get back to our subject.


Fashion Week at Jimmy Choo

I have already had the opportunity to relate my links and many past experiences with Jimmy Choo. A relationship of trust has emerged and one morning I receive an email from the marketing department in London (hello Alice!) asking me if I feel capable of doing live fashion sketches, on the occasion of Fashion Week . Being already greatly attracted to this practice, I jump at the chance with a big “YES”!
So we find myself a few weeks later in the store where I exchanged my classic pots of paints and varnishes for watercolors, ink and textured papers signed with the “Jimmy Choo” logo in gold. A superb experience and above all a new creative path where I bring together two techniques that complement each other (watercolor and ink) and which suit me well.


28 March 2020


leather, Live Personalization


Art, luxury, watercolor