Bio Effect

I had never had the opportunity to work with a brand in the world of care / beauty before. So I was quite surprised when I was contacted by the Bioeffect brand for this collaboration. Very friendly interlocutors who, like me, are eager to obtain a qualitative result for their clients. I particularly liked the work done upstream of the live customizations in Paris.


The photographic work upstream of the project

The request was for me to be present in Paris, more particularly in the Le Bon Marché department store, to personalize small white leather cases in which customers could store their small vial of serum. A nice job was done several weeks before the date of the event and I made samples which were then sent to Iceland, to the very place where the products are designed.
Very nice photos were then taken and then posted on social networks to promote the event.


The ideal monogram formula + simple illustration

In order to optimize the painting time on the object, I made these cases in two stages. I first painted the 4 typical visuals on several cases so that I only had to paint the monograms in black on site. An organization and a combination that pays off when looking for high throughput and high productivity.


8 December 2020


leather, Live Personalization


custom, leather