Montblanc Park Hyatt

A bit like the event organized in Cannes by Linked In where all the main employees were invited to participate in a seminar lasting a few days, Montblanc organized a private event at the Park Hyatt in Dubai. A superb space ideally located on the side of Dubai Creek with Mediterranean-inspired architecture which will remain one of the most pleasant “temporary workshop” where I have had the opportunity to install my brushes.


Personalized gifts during a business seminar

The teams and collaborators came from everywhere: Morocco, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Qatar… great encounters and very interesting exchanges with sometimes employees whom I have known now for several years and with whom I have already worked in Dubai (including the Dubai Mall team that I salute in passing). Several leather keychains were available for personalization for guests, but some who had already seen my work showed up with larger pieces and wanted more elaborate works than simple monograms.


2 March 2021


leather, Live Personalization


Elegant, Photography