RIVOLI Abu Dhabi

Having seen my personalization activities for Montblanc, the Rivoli Group, a major player in the sale of luxury products in the United Arab Emirates, contacted me in 2021. In the same spirit as the systems put in place for my previous customization events, the idea was to organize specific dates in different outlets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Mall of Emirates, Yas Mall and Dubai Festival City.
Actions still centered on Montblanc boutiques in the UAE zone.


Whole days where a personalization space has been installed

In each of the shops where I have worked, a large table has been specially set up to allow me to work peacefully.
The idea was to offer personalization for any purchase of a leather product. A catalog has been specially produced to facilitate the presentation of the patterns available to customers. Of course, I couldn’t resist doing “extras” including live painting a horse in black and white.
One of the reasons I particularly enjoy working for Montblanc is the fact that I love painting directly on a black background. And it turns out that the vast majority of Montblanc’s leather products are black.


A traveling customization workshop in the United Arab Emirates

Creative projects are often the best way for me to discover cities and regions. I thus survey sectors of which I knew nothing and make every day encounters likely to change my life or my vision of things. My multiple experiences in Dubai have allowed me to meet very good people and forge ties that even led me to decide to settle there with my wife and children during the summer of 2022: Beginning of a new life !


2 March 2021


leather, Live Personalization


Art, leather goods, monograms