Jimmy Choo Dublin

Jimmy Choo is a very beautiful brand with which I had the chance to collaborate on many events. Dates during which I was invited to paint directly on the shoes, in particular the emblematic models of the brand. So I had the chance to be asked to paint live in different shops, mainly in Paris but also Dublin or Dubai to allow customers to personalize their piece.


Customization by hand on the bottom of the shoe

The initial request for the brand was 90% different from what I currently realize on Jimmy Choo shoes. In the beginning, it was a matter of hand-painting very colorful monograms directly on the top of the shoes, at the level of the heel. A service relatively well appreciated by customers but far below current reactions, since we have found THE most suitable place for the personalization of luxury shoes and pumps. And besides, it was not us but a client who suggested this location to us.
One day, while I was working in the Jimmy Choo store on rue Saint Honoré in Paris, a saleswoman approached me and asked me if it was possible to paint on the bottom of the shoe, between the heel and the flat area. .

The space is much less “comfortable” to work in but seems very very interesting to me because it has many advantages. Firstly because it is more discreet. Indeed, few are those who left us who wish to expose their initials so strongly. It is rather an element that must be discreet, almost more important for its owner than for the spectators. Like a small intimate tattoo. Another advantage of polka dots, the surface is not exposed to strong and perhaps furtively seen if you walk behind the person on stairs.
Since that day, few customers do not wish to have their Jimmy Choo pairs personalized when I am present!


Hand painted illustrations and visual elements on the shoes.

One of the things that makes me like this kind of personalization services live from Jimmy Choo stores is the contact that can be created with certain customers. Smiles, pleasant exchanges, sometimes interest… And this can lead to original requests, knowing that I am particularly fond of a challenge, the confrontation with difficulty being a real way of life for me.
An example comes to me from the request of a client who wanted me to draw a fox’s head under her shoes. I was free of colors (here bronze) and creative style. I really liked this request which also corresponded well to the personality of the client and even to the model of the shoe, leopard pattern.


20 May 2021


leather, Live Personalization


Jimmy Choo, luxury, monograms