Google Paris

I had the chance to collaborate several times with Google again, but this was our first project and it took place in Paris. What a surprise to one day receive a call from the essential brand that has changed our lifestyles in recent years and is part of our daily lives. It is largely thanks to Google referencing that my team and I are found and solicited by our customers. What a surprise and what a result when it is Google itself that finds you and then asks you to intervene in one of its upcoming events for live personalization!


Personalization during the inauguration party of Youtube Space in Paris

For once, I left leather to work on a material that I like a little less but which also works: cotton. The idea was quite simple: I had to come with a team of artists to personalize Tote bags signed by the brand during the private inauguration party of Youtube Space Parisien. These Tote bags were gifts offered to guests, mainly made up of bloggers, influencers and youtubers who were invited to discover the many spaces available to them to work and create content.


Personalized gifts: a safe bet to satisfy guests

Small gifts are often eagerly awaited by guests at these types of events. Those accustomed to this kind of evening are no longer really surprised to receive a small gift, sometimes experienced as a simple promotional item. The fact of personalizing this object gives it a strong added value. It is no longer a simple tote bag / mug or other object, it is a small work of art specially made for you and in addition offered by Youtube. We will thus be much more tempted to wear it, display it proudly, photograph it, film it and why not post it on social networks.


10 September 2018


leather, Live Personalization


custom, Google, Tote bags, Youtube