Portrait on Leather

Since my first experiences of artistic painting on leather with Montblanc, many brands have approached me for similar requests. Most of the time on the occasion of a special event (commercial operation such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, opening of a shop, etc.), I am invited to settle down for one or more days in a space specially equipped with the shop to personalize the brand’s products directly.


Live personalization of a woman’s portrait on a wallet

In these kinds of circumstances, I work upstream with the brand to pre-select patterns to offer to customers. A kind of mini catalog which allows to optimize the exchange with the customer and to guide his choices. I then have to adapt my creation to different parameters: the shape and size of the product, but also the time I have to work with.
For the portrait of the young woman, I had the opportunity to have almost 1 hour where I was completely free on the creation. I felt inspired to embark on this portrait which had a very nice effect on the customers who passed in front of me.


This is not a wallet. This is Art

In my opinion, the great strength of this kind of intervention is to transform a seemingly “common” object into a true work of art. This is how a simple wallet or a suitcase is transformed into a creative support, a new kind of canvas. Its owner can affirm a part of his identity, his artistic sensibility. A simple object of everyday life thus becomes a real unique piece on which we take a different look.


28 May 2022


leather, Live Personalization


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