RIVOLI Abu Dhabi

Having seen my personalization activities for Montblanc, the Rivoli Group, a major player in the sale of luxury products in the United Arab Emirates, contacted me in 2021. In the same spirit as the systems put in place for my previous customization events, the idea

Dubaï based artist painting live fashion illustration with watercolor during event

Fashion Week Watercolors

This project is not a priori a leather customization reference, so is not supposed to appear on this portfolio. It is part of the multitude of artistic demonstration projects carried out during events with the Graffeur Paris agency, of which I am the founder. But

Céline Lefebure

The same year as my first creations on leather for Montblanc, I was put in touch by its charismatic International PR & Cultural Affairs Director with the designer Céline Lefebure. A meeting as unexpected as it was enriching for me who is discovering the world