Jimmy Choo live monograms

Looking through my portfolio and the various blog posts on this site, you quickly understand that the Montblanc brand has played a big role in my work on leather. It was through her that I discovered this medium by chance (you can see my first

Montblanc Chennai live custom

It was not my first time in India. I had already had the opportunity to come and perform live custom during the event organized at the St Regis hotel in Mumbai by Montblanc for UNICEF. On the other hand, it was the first time that

Artistic Leather work demonstration

There are many configurations where brands ask me for live leather customization. The two most recurrent situations are widely visible on this site. In some cases, these are event evenings where the organizers wish to offer personalized gifts to their guests. And in other cases,

Disney Marvel Custom

As part of the activities of the Graffeur Paris agency that I founded in 2015, I had the chance to collaborate with beautiful brands. It's always very nice for a modest artist like me when a brand like Disney calls you one day and says

Montblanc Mumbai Pass It On

The third part of the events linked to the campaign launched by the Montblanc brand for UNICEF and intended to support actions promoting access to education and writing for disadvantaged youth. MontBlanc has created for the occasion writing tools and objects dedicated specifically for this

Montblanc Galeries Lafayette, Dubai Mall

After my first live customizations in large quantities, my first activation in store, here are my first steps in the Dubai Mall. And contrary to what one might think, it's not a leather personalization animation live from the Montblanc Grand Boutique in the Dubai Mall.

Montblanc Emirates towers Custom

You have to believe that this period was pivotal for me because in terms of personalization. It was the time of the first times. First time in Dubai (I talk about it in the article dedicated to the Montblanc - Unicef ​​evening at the W