Live calligraphy on leather during Linked in Event

Linked In Cannes

Many people know the International Film Festival which takes place in Cannes (FRANCE) at the beginning of each summer. All professionals from the world of cinema meet on the Croisette for the occasion, an ideal time for meetings and networking. But what we tend to

Portrait painted on a leather wallet

Portrait on Leather

Since my first experiences of artistic painting on leather with Montblanc, many brands have approached me for similar requests. Most of the time on the occasion of a special event (commercial operation such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, opening of a shop, etc.), I


A painting which one might think is not in continuity with my usual artworks


Currently one of my favorite productions on canvas because it materializes my work in its own way in its diversity and contrasts. Unfortunately, we cannot see it well through a screen, but two painting techniques are superimposed: the background is spray paint, markers and acrylics. The

Live personalization on shoes by the Dubai based artist Hakim Idriss

Jimmy Choo Dublin

Jimmy Choo is a very beautiful brand with which I had the chance to collaborate on many events. Dates during which I was invited to paint directly on the shoes, in particular the emblematic models of the brand. So I had the chance to be

RIVOLI Abu Dhabi

Having seen my personalization activities for Montblanc, the Rivoli Group, a major player in the sale of luxury products in the United Arab Emirates, contacted me in 2021. In the same spirit as the systems put in place for my previous customization events, the idea

Montblanc Park Hyatt

A bit like the event organized in Cannes by Linked In where all the main employees were invited to participate in a seminar lasting a few days, Montblanc organized a private event at the Park Hyatt in Dubai. A superb space ideally located on the

Custom leather bottle pouches

Bio Effect

I had never had the opportunity to work with a brand in the world of care / beauty before. So I was quite surprised when I was contacted by the Bioeffect brand for this collaboration. Very friendly interlocutors who, like me, are eager to obtain

Dubaï based artist painting live fashion illustration with watercolor during event

Fashion Week Watercolors

This project is not a priori a leather customization reference, so is not supposed to appear on this portfolio. It is part of the multitude of artistic demonstration projects carried out during events with the Graffeur Paris agency, of which I am the founder. But

AB de Villiers New Dehli

Regarding the customization of leather (and even other materials as is the case here), Montblanc is without hesitation THE brand with which I have collaborated the most and with which I still have the chance to work again. on various projects. And what makes this